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"Virtual" Tax Prep

The new and improved way of getting your taxes done.  In 2021, 95% of my tax clients chose this method to have their taxes prepared. 

As long as you have internet connection on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer and from the comfort of wherever you might be,

we can get your taxes done via

Zoom Call.

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"In-Person" Tax Prep

In my humble opinion, nothing can beat meeting In-Person. 

Unfortunately, with this Pandemic most of my clients have chosen the

"Virtual" Tax Prep method. 

With that said, we can still meet

"In-Person" at my office.

Masked or Not

Vaccinated or Not. 

You are Welcomed.

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Free Phone Consultation

Let's get on a Quick Phone Call

or even a Zoom Call. 

Let me try and answer any, if not,

all your tax questions and determine

if we are a good fit for each other.

If I should earn your trust as a your

tax coach.  We can then schedule a

"Virtual" or "In-Person" Appointment.